Vegan Strength – Body Builders Prove the Power of Plants

Don’t think anyone would dare ask these guys where they get their protein from!

Bodybuilders and athletes the world over are proving you don’t need to down a dozen eggs or scarf up slabs of steak to be fit, strong and downright powerful.

Vegan Bodybuilders Bust It On Plant Power

The Russian 10-time arm wrestling world champ and two-time Olympic bobsledding medallist Alexey Voevoda is also a champion for animals.

Alexey Voevoda vegan
Image: Instagram

Australian Simi Collins shows off her impressive vegan guns.

Simi Collins vegan
Image: Instagram

Jim Morris has been bodybuilding since 1954 and he’s still going strong. He turns 80 on Aug. 31. and his body would be envy of men a quarter of his age!

Image: Instagram

Jim Morris at 75 …

Jim Morris 75
Image: GymMorris

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